Friday, December 29, 2006

Winning The White House In 2008

Right now the girlfriend and I are down in Atlanta visiting the parents. My brother is back from a semester at Notre Dame so it was great to see him. He is really enjoying studying up in South Bend.

Now that I have a few days off from work/school I have the opportunity to read some nice political books. This book is a keeper and seems like some solid advice for anyone running in 2008. The book has a great description of what it calls the "Freak Show" (AKA the "new media" --bloggers etc).

I hope I am at least a little bit of the part of the "Freak Show" with this blog.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

AShiningCity Was Gone

...but now he is back.

My apologies for not telling anyone that I was going to be leaving for a few days. The girlfriend and I had a wonderful Christmas up in Pennsylvania with her family.

Her brother fried a turkey. If you folks haven't done this yet... go out and get a bucket to fry a nice big bird.

The turkey was one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted. Now we are heading down to Georgia to visit my family.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Washington DC Does It Again!

Poor Washington DC! The poor city can't seem to get a break!

Earlier today I wrote about how some in Washington are supportive of the ridiculous push to help convicted criminals by giving them a protected status under the law.

We are a town that protects criminals and neglects children.

D.C.’s schools were rated “high risk” by the Department of Education earlier this year because of shoddy accounting practices.

Now D.C. school children are getting screwed by the hiring of a woman who was fired from her previous job for wasting a million dollars in taxpayers money.

Smooth move D.C. leaders. When your school districts are having problems correctly counting finances hire someone who is known for ripping off her previous employer.


A Real Conservative Is Running?

As I have written previously I am a little upset about the field of Republicans for the 2008 presidential election. It seems like it is full of "compassionate conservatives" (read: big spenders who like God).

It seems like the Republican party has lost its way. The party has forgotten about the principle of limited government.

I found this article today hinting that Governor Gilmore from Virginia is thinking of running. I don't know a lot about the man but I am pretty sure he is more conservative that McCain and the bunch of big spending RINOs we have in office now.

We really need the Liberty Owls now don't we?


Criminals Should Be A Protected Class?

Washington is a great city. I really enjoy living here.

But it certainly deserves a lot better leadership than what it is currently getting.

Now the ex-mayor is trying to protect criminals (get the feeling that he is looking out for himself eh?)

That's just super swell.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Oldest Mass Produced Christmas Card

Wow, I am a big fan of Christmas cards... but then again who isn't? I thought this article was really neato.

How far we have come since that time!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Georgia And God

I am a big fan of the state of Georgia.

I am a big fan of the University of Georgia.

I am a big fan of the people of Georgia.

But I am not a big fan of those in Georgia that want to teach that evolution did not occur.

So this story made me very happy.


The Dirty Secret Of Prison Rape

Yes, I know it is a very odd title for a post. But having read this article (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC) concerning prison rape I felt that the topic needed some coverage.

First off, as you folks might know by now, I am not a bleeding heart liberal by any means. I want to be a prosecutor later on in life. I would get a thrill to lock up the bad guys and protect society.

That having been said, I was blown away by the horrible descriptions in the article.

This is a human rights story actually, a story that is above the usual fights concerning conservative and liberal ideas.

At the end of the day Americans deserve better prisons. Prisons, such as those described in the article, just create more crime and suffering in the world.

Is President Bush The Worst President Ever?

I don't know... Jimmy Carter was pretty damn bad. But according to Professor Bainbridge President Bush is edging towards that terrible title.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Wacky Lawsuits From The Past Year

Look, I know you folks love lists like this...don't even try to deny it.

Even people that hate the law love wacky lawsuits!


The ACLU Defends Butt Painter

I wish I was making this stuff up... but sadly I am not.

Look, so the guy has a right to create whatever piece of crap art he wants. So what? Who wants to buy that junk anyhow?

Dirty Hippies!


What Do People Feel About The Supreme Court?

What do Average Americans think about the highest court in the land?

I think it is pretty snazzy.


A Guide To Grading Law School Exams

Last Friday was my last law school exam for the semester... thank goodness! Now it is up to the professors to start grading those suckers over the break.

I always wondered how law professors went about grading all of those exams. This post reveals all. ;-)


Newt On Free Speech

... and some other topics. This guy is still my #1 pick for President come 2008. Perhaps we can have a man with some true conservative economic values in the White House for a change.

I certainly hope that Mr. Gingrich decides to run. It would certainly make for lively debate which is exactly what this country needs.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Who Is Running In 2008?

I know that 2008 is a long time away but we already have politicians jumping into the race. Do you folks need a list? I got it right here.

By the way I am starting early in my hatred for Obama. If I hear anything more about Senator Obama and how he will become the next president I am going to go crazy. I guess I am the only one who thinks that Obama isn't all set to be elected president. I am sure that in the future I will have some tasty stories about the man up on this blog.


Army Might Break Up Goodyear Strike

Striking against the public interest eh? I didn't even know that 17,000 Goodyear employees went on strike!

I guess we need the rubber for vehicles in Iraq.


A Private Space Launch?

I am fascinated by the idea of private companies working in outer space. Bringing competition to space is exactly what we need to counterbalance NASA's poor performance.

This is at least a start in that direction.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Time Magazine Names Millions As Person Of The Year

Look, you are using a computer right now. And you most likely have a blog.... or you have responded to a comment thread.

Well, congrats you are one of the many named as person of the year.


How To Win In Iraq

I stumbled accross this excellent powerpoint presentation created by an American Soldier. Take a few minutes and look it over. It is very easy to understand and seems to make a lot of sense to me!

Friday, December 15, 2006

John McCain's War On Bloggers

Hey look, I am not a big fan of John McCain. But I know that he is in front when it comes to the GOP nod for '08 so I read stories about the man.

This report concerns McCain's bill that would punish bloggers for "illegal content." It will hurt everyone-liberals and conservatives alike. I encourage all those out there who love blogging to research the bill and notify others concerning it.

If this is what he does as senator then just think what he would do if he was president.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jimmy Carter's Legacy Of Failure

You folks know by now how much I dislike Jimmy Carter. He is an embarassment to the great state of Georgia.

But I also know a few of you readers also are thinking, "Come on AShiningCity, Carter is a nice fella. He just wants to bring peace and new houses to the world."


This is an excellent post describing all of Mr. Carter's failures and misdeeds.


Congress Is Great At Naming Post Offices

Look, I will be the first to admit that I had a bias against the last Congress. I expected a lot more out the conservative Republicans. Actually the Republicans in Congress were just pathetic.

Now I learn that 1/4 of all bills passed were concerned with naming new buildings. That's just super swell.


NASA Fails... Again

I get such a mix feeling when NASA fails. It is both extremely funny and extremely sad. But it is always expected...

Another sad chapter of NASA's history can be read here.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rest In Peace Peter Boyle

I am a big fan of Everybody Loves Raymond. This annoys my roommate to a great degree. I don't care... it is a quality show.

Anyhow, today I regret to inform my readers that the father on Everybody Loves Raymond passed away. He was one of the funniest characters on the show.


President Bush Is A Lonely Man?

Well, at least according to this article President Bush is a very lonely man. President Bush's decisions have isolated him.

Now, I don't know if the President is feeling lonely now. Sometimes tough decisions might make a person feel alone.

That's when a man's inner strength has to come into play. Let's see if President Bush has any.


Monday, December 11, 2006

GOP Wants The Spirit Of Reagan In Campaigns

This quote says it all:

"Everybody wants the Reagan mantle because he provided the Republican Party with the shining city on the hill."

Great minds think alike. ;-)

Read the story here.


Imams Demand Airline Settlement

Looks like the infamous imams are now wanting some cash from the Airline that tossed them for their odd behavior. The airline wanted to meet with the group to discuss matters. No dice.

And now CAIR is involved. That is just swell.

I hope that airline tells the imams to go take a hike.


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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Jimmy Carter's Book Is Bashed

.... by the Washington Post! The book review is very revealing.

Mr. Carter... go build some houses somewhere. You have done enough for the Middle East.
And no there really is no reason why the picture shows Jimmy Carter as a turkey. But I thought it was funny and this is my blog so the sucker is going up!


What Will These Little Babies Be When They Grow Up?

A very funny few pictures can be seen here.

Hey, anytime I can slam the government I will.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Senator Brownback A Jailbird?

....well kinda. One thing about the good Senator is that he certainly means well. His Catholicism is a huge part of his life and I certainly respect that.

Now I don't know if I would want him to be President.

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McKinney's Last Stand

Well, it look likes Georgia's Cynthia McKinney had a last parting shot on President Bush.

I gotta say I am happy that Ms. McKinney is on her way out. She was an embarassment to the great state of Georgia.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

A Great NASA Watch Website

You folks know how I hate the NASA program. I just discovered a wonderful website that will help me keep up to date on what's happening over at that twisted government agency.


Kirkpatrick Passes Away

A proud and strong Reagan warrior died last night.


Barney Cam Is Back

With the Christmas season comes White House celebrations.

If you folks didn't already know it President Bush has a little dog named Barney. Each year Barney has a Holiday adventure. The video is very cute.

By the way, I love that type of dog.... when I earn the big time lawyer bucks I will get myself one!

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Neighbor Threatens Mosque

....with pig races.


The White House Christmas Tree Lighting

Last year the girlfriend and I went to go see the tree lighting. Because of security issues they kept most of the crowd far away and it was a tad difficult to see. I still enjoyed it though.

And today we didn't make it to the White House because we both had an Evidence Exam. Believe me it would have been better to be at the White House.

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Here We Go Again...

Ah, long time readers of this blog will remember how much I dislike NASA. I absolutely despise NASA.

It looks like NASA is up to its old tricks again...


The Top 10 Funniest Political Moments Of 2006

I was always a big fan of Letterman over Leno. I love his Top 10 lists. They are always extremely funny.

So how do you make a Top 10 List even better? Add politics to the mix of course!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Muslims At A Gym

Okay, check out this story. A Muslim lady was praying at a gym and was interrupted by another gym patron. Now, the Muslim is very angry about it.

I really don't understand the story. There has to be more to it than what is written.

Then again perhaps next time I go down to the gym I should bust out a rosary and start praying.


Remembering Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor 1941

Let us remember Pearl Harbor today. The lessons learned from that horrible date will help us in the war on terrorism.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jimmy Carter... At It Again

Jimmy Carter Gets Nailed

Check out this video of a call in show on C-Span. A caller really goes after Jimmy Carter! The clip is wonderful!

Here is a great follow up concerning Jimmy Carter's book about the Middle East.


Cheney's Daughter Is Going To Have A Baby!

Check out the story here. Break out the cigars! Congrats!


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Iran's President Busted

....for checking out the ladies.

What can I say? He likes how the ladies dance.


Some Holiday Party Tips

The Holiday season is upon us once again (my favorite time of the year!). My apartment has a little Christmas tree up and is decorated as well as a poor law student can afford.

Today I have my first law exam of the season. The unfortunate thing is that today is also the Christmas party at work so I have to miss the party!

Anyhow, you folks read the tips concerning how to act concerning a holiday party at work.


The ACLU Nativity Scene

A great follow up to the post I had a week ago! Now with pictures!


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Muslim Should Be Allowed To Take Oath On Anything He Wants

Hey, you know I am not a fan of Radical Islam. But this story concerning the Muslim congressman is not about Radical Islam. It is about freedom of choice when it comes to religion.

Some don't like the congressman swearing on a copy of the Koran. I don't care.

Today I had a conversation about this controversy with the roommate and the girlfriend. The roommate brought up an excellent point that John Adams, a very religious man, chose to be sworn in on a copy of the Constitution not the Bible. John Adams was a pretty patriotic guy!

I don't give a damn what this Muslim swears on (it could be even a piece of cheese for all I care) as long as his oath forces him to be a good congressman and to follow the Constitution.

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Iran And Russia

It is just super swell that Iran and Russia are getting along so well.

Why doesn't President Bush tell his buddy Putin to knock it off?

Is Bush The Worst President Ever?

A very interesting discussion between very writers can be read here.

I think it is difficult to rate President Bush right now... give it a few years. In that time we can then see how his policies have changed the world. And we have had some terrible presidents in the past so the man certainly has a lot of competition.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Presidential Potentials Pig Out

We have a little more than a year until the presidential primaries. Doesn't that blow your mind? I am really looking forward to the start. The primaries are a great chance for the locals to meet and greet the presidential hopefuls.

One of my most favorite aspects is watching the candidates eating with the locals on C-Span. Seeing John McCain chow down on a ear of corn in Iowa will be priceless. More on the food aspect of the presidential race can be found here.


A Case Of Child Neglect

Wow, these folks need to take some parenting classes or something.

I think that we should put the parents in cages... jail cages! (get the joke??)


The Pope's Crusade?

Whatever the Pope does he will be wrong in the eyes of Radical Muslims. When he reaches out to talk to them the Radicals consider it an attack.

Give me a break. I wish the Pope the best. I think he has an uphill battle.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

CAIR Gets It Wrong

....again. According to the article CAIR believes that the reason why Radicals gain ground is that moderates in the religion are abused.

Hmm... I think it could be that Radicals gain ground when moderates don't do anything to stop them. Yep, I am pretty sure I am right on this one.


Washington D.C. Is Too Hot Right Now

I'm sorry to complain but I woke upthis morning and I heard on the radio that there is a chance for it to be 75 degrees in the nation's capital! For goodness sakes it is December 1st!

At least it is rainy right now. You folks know how much I love the rain!


"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction"--Ronald Reagan