Friday, June 30, 2006

Warren Buffet's Recent Gift: Killing with Kindness?
An article from the Family Research Council:
The press is gushing over Warren Buffett's announcement that he and his late wife will give the lion's share of their immense wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A sizable chunk will also be given to foundations run by Buffett's wife and children. Here at FRC we have long memories. Consequently, we suggest one charitable project the Buffetts' have a moral obligation to fund. Back in the 1990s, the Buffett Foundation gave $2-3 million dollars to fund research and clinical trials needed to bring RU-486, the abortion pill, to market.
Thanks to the Buffetts, and other promoters of abortion for population control, the drug was fast-tracked and approved under an order from President Clinton. Since then, approximately 500,000 American babies have been killed with RU-486. There has also been some "collateral damage" as they decreased the surplus population. At least, six American women have been killed following RU-486 use, and three of those women left children who are now motherless. Buffett's billions have the potential to do damage like this on a global scale.
His foundation over the years has given millions to the likes of Planned Parenthood, Pathfinder International, the Population Council, and more besides. It has been reported that Buffett and Gates visited communist China in 1995 and made sure to visit a "family planning" clinic along the Yangtze. China's one-child policy has had a history of coercion, which went unremarked on the Buffett-Gates tour.
It would be tragic if the new funds flowing into the Gates Foundation further today's assaults on the sanctity of human life, especially when the population bomb that is actually detonating is the one whose ideological fragments are wrecking Europe's fertility and contributed to so much pessimism about the Continent's future.
I guess our old friend in tights will have to put down that flag and
pick up the banner of the United Nations instead.

Is Superman no longer American?

Truth, Justice, and the American Way: Those are the ideals that I grew up thinking Superman represented.

Now I find out I was only partially right... with the first two words. According to the article the director of the new Superman flick that is now in theaters disagrees that Superman is American.

The Sad Money Quote of the Article:
"The world has changed. The world is a different place," Pennsylvania native Harris says. "The truth is he's an alien. He was sent from another planet. He has landed on the planet Earth, and he is here for everybody. He's an international superhero."

Okay, let me get this straight.

Superman is an alien (let's say "immigrant").

Superman stands for protecting humanity and fighting for justice.

Superman is selfless and giving.

I truly believe that those characteristics are American.

Regardless of what some liberal types might say when I watch the Superman flick this weekend I will be cheering on an American superhero.
Man Busted for Videotaping Cops... At His Own Home!
Friday Free For All!
Considering all the recent discussion about the importance of Freedom of the Press and the NY Times scandal I thought it might be a good idea to share some of my favorite books:
  1. I know, a bit of a "chick book" but I love how the characters traveled back and forth between British and French cultures (geeky huh?)
  2. Charles Van Doren? You might know the name from from the Quiz Show scandal in the 1950s. All cheating aside, he wrote one hell of a book.
  3. Still think Government can solve all of our problems my Socialist Friend? Give these books a shot: 1984, Animal Farm, and Lord of the Flies.
  4. The man was a genius.
  5. I am not a big fan of the "sport" but the book was fascinating.
  6. Learn what makes Bill Clinton tick.

Now there are plenty more books that I have enjoyed of course. But please start reading these immediately. Hop to it!

New York Times Protest Scheduled

Sometimes it is easy enough to forget the struggles and sacrifices of the Founding Fathers. (This is a great book about the birth of the United States if you are interested in learning the true history.)

The Founders are often dismissed now as a "bunch of rich white men who owned slaves." While Jefferson, Madison, Washington and their co-patriots might not have been perfect, they did promote a perfect idea--individual freedom and expression.

In just a few days before we celebrate the birth of our great nation another example presents itself of why this country is so special.

The NY Times uses their freedom of the press in a negative way and how do we respond?

Do we ask the government to shut the company down? NO!

Do we attack the N.Y Times building in the hope of burning it to the ground? NO!

Instead we protest in the streets against the Times' policies. Using the Bill of Rights to fight back an injustice.

I firmly believe that once the American people realize the negative policies of the New York Times concerning the war on terror there will be an uproar. Changes will be made. Perhaps a boycott.

The Founding Fathers would certainly be proud.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

These Poor Drunk Teenagers

I always wondered how Girls Gone Wild went so long without many lawsuits.

I guess they were able to dodge another one!
A Decent Democrat Destined for Demise?

Joe Lieberman has always been a favorite of mine. He isn't afraid to take a firm stand against dictators and he doesn't mind mentioning God once in a while in a speech. Sadly Mr. Lieberman is facing some problems in the upcoming primary against Ned Lamont.

Rumor has it that that DailyKos' goal is to get Lieberman out and replace him with a "real" (read "extremely liberal") Democrat.

Hopefully Joe can pull it off... for the Democrats sake.

Congress' Report Card: Not Looking too good!

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative group, graded the House and the Senate on dozen major economic domestic policy issues: spending restraint, budget process reform, earmark reform, property rights, Social Security reform, pension reform, energy, tax relief, tax reform, Medicare, Medicaid, and health care reform.

The results are certainly less than stellar... especially in the Senate. But anyone watching Congress over the last 5 years could have guessed that.

If Congress was my child I would take the belt to it.

Incumbents must be feeling a little uneasy with November approaching!

How sweet is this?
Pot Bust at a KFC:

Okay, this KFC must have been connected to a Taco Bell.
Hamdan changes how the war will be fought according to

So we have to play by the rules of the Geneva Convention? Fine.

But does the Supreme Court now expect that Al Qaeda will play by the rules of the Geneva Convention as well? Will the Red Cross be allowed to see American kidnap victims imprisoned by Al Qaeda forces?

Doubtful. I am sure that the terrorists will be too busy executing the victims to take phone calls from the Red Cross.

It should be interesting to see how the President responds to this curveball.

The Money Quote from the Excellent Article:

This almost certainly means that the CIA's interrogation regime is unlawful, and indeed, that many techniques the Administation has been using, such as waterboarding and hypothermia (and others) violate the War Crimes Act (because violations of Common Article 3 are deemed war crimes).

Need more info? Your wish is my command:
The ACLU's Happy Reaction
A great analysis of the case even before it was decided
Wow this guy is pissed off
And so is Justice Thomas
Cell Phone Signals Excite the Brain

Ah, now I understand why my girlfriend loves to talk on her cell phone. It is all coming together now.

AShiningCity's Girlfriend: "Ah yeah
Buzz me again."
Even More Soccer Talk

I know you folks are thinking this- Another post on soccer? Are you even an American anymore? Do you suddenly like fish and chips? Are you now seeing the merits of socialism?

But wait, you don't have to be a collectivist European to enjoy this story. Seems as there are plans reinstall the women's soccer league back in the United States. Nothing is better than a soccer playing female. I mean weren't they the hottest girls in high school?

Umm... I mean I am looking forward to the exciting match play from these stellar athletes.
Poor Britney Spears

She seems to be very much the wreck. I don't know how these photos are going to help her any.

The very beautiful and extremely smart girlfriend of AShiningCity provides the link to the pictures.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What watching soccer feels likes for most American men
World Cup? What the hell is the World Cup?

Perhaps if our national team actually scored goals and won a few games Americans would give a damn.

Is there hope for soccer in America? I think so. Just give us a decade or two more. Kids growing up now are enjoying soccer since they were old enough to walk. Hell, when my brother was 8 and played I saw kids take shots to the head and spikes to the legs. That's the type of dedication and level of interest that we need in order to be competitive on the world stage.

And yes, I refuse to call soccer "football." If the Europeans want a game they should challenge us in real football.

Claims of Sexism: Have We Gone too Far?

Hooters food is decent... but very overpriced if guys named Tony and Billy bring it to my table.

Especially if they are wearing tight shirts.
A softer side to the Russian leader?

Now that is pretty cute. Though I am sure the little boy was scared as hell. How often does a strange man come over and kiss you on the stomach?

I wonder what would happen if our President did a similar thing here in this country?
Democrats move the New Hampshire Primary to 3rd

The Democrats have just voted to stick another state in between Iowa and New Hampshire. Is this the start of the downfall of Iowa and New Hampshire's importance in choosing a president?

Currently the Presidential race first goes through Iowa and then onto New Hampshire for the Nation's first primary. This has been the tradition for many years.

I always thought it was a tad odd that states like Iowa and New Hampshire were given this exalted status. (Nothing against Iowa and New Hampshire at all... but how representative are they of the entire nation?)

But then again who doesn't find the Iowa caucus charming? The farmers are given the opportunity to meet each one of the candidates. The candidates in turn pretend that they care about ethanol. Everyone has a good time.

Dean: "Oh yeah, 3 or 4 ears of it
each meal. I love the stuff"

New Hampshire was able to give Pat Buchanan a surprising lead in 1996 and Iowa gave John Edwards a nice unexpected boost in 2004. Unknown candidates can explode out from these states. Iowa and New Hampshire have made the races interesting.

I don't know if Iowa and New Hampshire are leaving anytime soon... despite what some might think. There is something to be said about tradition.
Legislating through the Courts

When the ACLU and other liberal groups can't win at the ballot box they turn their attention to the judiciary. It is a lot easier for them to attempt to persuade one mind rather than convince a majority of Americans of their schemes.

Some Conservatives believe that they should fight back in kind. As difficult as the battle might be to push the courts to interpret the law not create it Conservatives must not give up this fight. A limited judiciary is the basis of our great Republic.

Flag Amendment Fails by 1 Vote in the Senate: The 1st Amendment Wins!

Here is a great article from yesterday about such amendments.

The Money Quote from the Article is from Senator Daniel Inouye who lost an arm in World War II and received the Medal of Honor:

"Our country's unique because our dissidents have a voice. While I take offense at disrespect to the flag, I nonetheless believe it is my continued duty as a veteran, as an American citizen, and as a United States senator to defend the constitutional right of protesters to use the flag in nonviolent speech."

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Burning the Constitution?

The author is right on target. I couldn't have said it any better myself.
This is Beary Funny!

I didn't know that God hated so many

Westboro Hate Cult Will Protest at Tucker & Menchaca’s Funerals

The Top 50% pay 96.54% of All Income Taxes
(The top 1% pay more than a third: 34.27%)

Mr. Limbaugh does have some interesting material up on his website... not just extremely hot pics as shown in an earlier post.
U.S. Constitution for your iPod

What a wonderful idea. I used to have a pocket Constitution that I took everywhere... it got a tad torn and used. Always good to doublecheck if what a politician is promising is even constitutional! (Though a safe bet most of the time... is it's not).

Rush gets busted for prescription drugs... again

Mr. Limbaugh had some problems at Palm Beach International Airport yesterday when officials found pills for the medication Viagra in his luggage without his name on the bottle.

The Money Quote from the CNN Article:
A doctor had prescribed the drug, but it was "labeled as being issued to the physician rather than Mr. Limbaugh for privacy purposes," Roy Black, Limbaugh's attorney, said in a statement.

Ironic isn't it?

I am sure that the Left will have a field day with it.

Monday, June 26, 2006

We are planning to launch another shuttle July 1st

This should be the last liftoff for NASA.

Yes, the program should be cut.

Wait, the noble American space program? The program that beat the Soviets in the race to the moon? The program that has such distinguished names as John Glenn and Neil Armstrong on its list of alumni?

And who didn't want to be a courageous astronaut growing up? Who during the tender years of childhood was not fascinated by the prospect of discovering billions of stars and trillions of new exciting worlds?

So it pains me to say what must be said--Yes we need to cut the NASA program and quickly!

NASA's budget is over $14 billion dollars a year. $14 billion is larger than most states' budgets.

Now, many will argue that compared to other Government programs the NASA budget is very small. This is true. For instance our government spent 30 times more on Social Security than on the NASA budget.

However, just because we spend more in other areas does that mean that taxpayers shouldn't care about the 14 billion dollars we literally launch into outer space each year?

No, of course not. The $14 billion dollars wasted on NASA could have went towards tax cuts for the middle class. Or vouchers for state higher education (like Georgia's HOPE program). Hell, anything would be better than how we are wasting those billions now.

And I do mean waste. I know that the NASA program had a lot of glory in the 60s and 70s. The private industry thinkers pushed the NASA program forward in its early days. But the longer a government program lives the more inefficient and political it will get... and mistakes will be made. NASA is sadly no different.

To be fair go to this rather Pro-NASA website and look at all the "wonders" we have been given because of NASA's dedicated work the past 30 years:

  • Enriched Baby Food
  • Golf Ball Aerodynamics
  • Wind Monitor
  • Voice Controlled Wheelchair

"These are all wonderful things," you might say. "When I am out on the links it is great to have a space-age golf ball" you might say.

Perhaps, but just think what the free market could do with an additional $14 billion a year since the mid 1970s! Seeing how the free market is not constrained with nearly as much red tape or the political lobbying that characterizes a government program such as NASA it is a safe bet that perhaps we could have gotten a much better return for our investment.

And maybe, just maybe, better designed golf balls.

After The Launch:

Isn't it such a shame that it took 4 tries to get the shuttle into space? And now they are repairing things!


Well, well... it looks like someone else agrees with me about NASA's problems.

And another article that agrees!

Jail 4 Judges?

A South Dakota Amendment wishes to punish judges that treat the law lightly.
The ACLU urges Governor Romney not to follow the law.

Having state law enforcement officers help enforce the Federal law is a good idea in this situation. Gov. Romney obviously believes that Illegals are a problem in his state. The Governor does well in following the lead of states like Georgia.

It is odd that one of the ACLU's arguments against Mr. Romney's plan is that police and state law enforcement officers would be diverted from stopping crime. (It is a tad funny that the ACLU is suddenly concerned with crime)

Are the people at the ACLU so far gone that they don't think Illegals have committed a crime?

I guess that is a stupid question to ask.
Is this offensive? Most likely (found courtesy of Professor Bainbridge) :

A way to deal with outrageous federal spending?

I am against anything like the 1998 Line Item Veto. So was the Supreme Court.

This bill however, looks very different.... it might be worth a trial run.

Could the bill help stop the ticking clock?

Flag Protection Amendment: Watch out Mr. President

This is an interesting post describing how Bush's actions in Michigan could be illegal under the Flag Protection Amendment.

Mr. Bush, it's a flag not a rag!

Now I certainly am not attempting to imply that Mr. Bush holds the American flag in low esteem. Far from it. I am just saying how easy it could be to violate such an amendment... even if you have the most patriotic heart.
Rain shuts down the IRS and other buildings in Washington.

Well, finally it has been done (though just for a day) and it took Almighty God to do it.

Luckily my train, the Red Line, was high and dry.

But beating out the IRS is nothing to brag about.

Georgia has one snazzy looking state flag.

Georgia's Anti-Illegals Law Hits Home... literally!

Over at
Mortgage Lenders who have been allowed to make loans to illegal aliens - encouraging an illegal to remain in the U.S is a federal crime- along with their equally guilty partners, real estate agents operating the same racket, are now complaining that illegal aliens don’t seem too excited about moving to, remaining in or buying a house in Georgia.

That's exactly what you have to do... hit the corporations for reaching out to these illegals. I am very proud of my state of Georgia.

Need the info hookup concerning the Georgia Law? Your wish is my command.

Perhaps in the year 2030?

I loved transformers growing up... so I was thrilled to read this article.

But I wonder how much this bad boy will cost the American taxpayer. The article said that the blueprint ALONE set the Pentagon back over 10 million!
This is a novel way to get out of jury duty.
Republicans and Democrats Agree: The Flag Burning Amendment is Wrong

While it is unusual for me to side with Mr. Dick Durbin he is right on target with this comment:

"There are scarcely any instances across America where people are burning the flag. And yet, now we want to set aside the important business of the Senate, health care and energy policy and education and debate for an entire week this concept of amending our Bill of Rights."

My question concerning Flag Burning Amendment has always been this--Isn't it illegal to burn things in a public area? Could I just drive my Pontiac Sunfire to the Capitol and set it ablaze to protest high gas prices? Shouldn't inheriently dangerous acts, like setting a piece of cloth on fire and waving it around, be illegal?

Screw you OPEC! Damn, now how am I
going to get home?

It is sad that the Republicans are pulling this election year ploy. They also tried the same thing with the Marriage Amendment.

I guess those who support "smaller government" (whatever that means now) have no problem wasting the taxpayers time on stunts like these.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Freedom of Speech should apply to everyone.

Not just those who are not Christian.
Supreme Court Junkies Rejoice!

A great post about the last Supreme Court term over at The article is located here.

Some interesting facts concerning the wacky 9th Circuit:

  • The Ninth Circuit has been reversed more times (15) than the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, Eighth, Tenth, and D.C. Circuits combined.
  • But, as Goldstein noted, the rate of Ninth Circuit reversals (83% or 15/18) is only slightly above the high court’s overall average (75%).
  • Conspiracy theories notwithstanding, Goldstein surmised that the high court might just be trying to tell the Ninth (and, to a lesser extent, the Sixth) that “it would be good if they followed the law.”

I just love the Supreme Court ( I guess I am obligated being a law school student). Very exciting cases will be released next week!

Warren Buffett to give away most of his $44 billion fortune!!!!

What a tribute to capitalism. This guy rules the market and then decides to give most of it away.
From a CNN Article this morning:

In 1967, there were fewer than 10 million people in the U.S. who were born in other countries; that was not even one in 20. Today, there are 36 million immigrants, about one in eight.

One important test to determine if a country is healthy is if the population is increasing at a strong rate. Europe right now is failing that test.

The CNN Article goes on to say that the drive in population growth is coming of course from the Hispanics.

If we can curb ILLEGAL immigration, the fact that the population is being driven up by outsiders isn't something that conservatives should fear.

Hispanics by and large are an extremely family oriented, hard working, and religious group of people. If conservatives groups can properly court them a new permanent conservative majority could be established in the future.

"Properly Court" doesn't mean allowing ILLEGALS in and not securing the border. I simply hope that conservatives present to Hispanics the values of the conservative movement and show how these values are the same as their own.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The English and the Germans go at it over at the World Cup. Typical right?

Folks it is just soccer. Chill out.

But in all seriousness so far so good when it comes to preventing a terrorist attack at the World Cup.

I am sure that the Arab countries are pissed that none of their squads were good enough even to qualify. Disrupting the games should be a priority for them.

Oh and "Go Ghana!"

Hussein will return as president of Iraq?

Hopefully, we will never be that desperate. Though I am sure that the former dictator would do a bang up job over there... but sadly after his work was done there would be no Iraqis left.

I can see however, how this man became dictator. While being ruthless, Hussein also had to have a certain charm to lead the Iraqis. That or just an outrageous amount of guts (or insanity).
President Bush and the ACLU on the Same Side??

Okay, not really but....

The American Civil Liberties Union wants Michigan's governing body for high school athletics to reconsider a policy keeping boys out of the postseason tournament for competitive cheerleading.

George W. Bush as a cheerleader
during his Andover Days.
United States' performance in the World Cup: 45% say it was an "Utter Disgrace"

In a poll over at Over 87,000 votes:

45%: Utter Disgrace
39%: Disappointing, but not horrible
8%: Just Okay
6%: Noble Effort
2%: Praise Worthy

I don't understand how even 2% would say that the performance was "Praise Worthy." The only reason the U.S. Team tied Italy was that the Italians scored on themselves. I am not kidding.

I guess now I will root for Ghana. Now that the United States is out of it.... that squad will be the most hated team in the Arab world still left in the World Cup.

The Horrible Saga of the Kelo Case is finally ending. (At least for the citizens of New London)

Don't know the Kelo case? What rock have you been hiding under and is Bin Laden there as well?

Simply put Kelo expands the government's eminent domain power to new unconstitutional heights. And in doing so the government once again favors the profits of the large well connected corporations over the little guy.

The only bright spot in Kelo's legacy is that some state governments are making political hay by creating laws that prevent the eminent domain powers to be used in such a way.

So far so good.... but I figure that if the Supreme Court has given the governments such a power... they will always find a way to use it.
Gore on a Presidential Run in 2008: "I'm not planning on it"

I gotta say that Mr. Gore looks like a changed man when he appeared on "Larry King" a few weeks ago. Perhaps it was the stately grey hair... or having the luxury of focusing on one issue.... but he seemed to radiant a confidence that wasn't present in the 2000 race.

Gore is cozying up to the DailyKos folks and the environmental crowd. Rest assured if Gore was to run again in 2008 the base for the Democrats would come out to support him.

And Al could always say that he received more votes than a two term president.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Order Now While Supplies Last!

Lil' Louie: "Oh golly... is it Christmas yet? I so would enjoy 'Why Mommy is a Democrat' as a gift!"

The Boss Disses Ann Coulter and Soledad O’Brien !

In an interview with CNN Bruce Springsteen's proclaims his views on the war and a recent book by a certain blonde. (As if we didn't already know...)

Bruce Springsteen is America's poet. But it seems to me that Springsteen makes a lot more sense when he is singing about broken relationships and crazy Saturday nights than when he is answering questions from a reporter.
Santorum's Struggles:

Earlier today I posted about Santorum's (R-PA) efforts to improve his poll numbers. It seems as if our buddy Ricky from Pennsylvania is having even more problems.

More here.

Things look pretty bad for Mr. Santorum. But he is known to be a strong finisher and there is still a lot of time between now and November.

Protesters back in 1965

Let's Stop and Think:

A group of Republicans have protested against the Voting Rights Act. Now I don't know if the Voting Rights Act should be repealed or should be renewed. But it was created in 1965 and some things might have changed. Perhaps the states can be given back the decision making powers the Constitution entrusted to them without the Federal Government's oversight.

Pausing and looking to see if the law needs to be updated is a good thing. In the past Congress has just had the knee jerk reaction of renewing it.

Civil Rights is a hot button issue and I can see why some Congressmen don't want to touch it. But thinking critically is the first step to addressing our nation problems... and that critical thinking doesn't stop when the Voting Rights Act is up for renewal.

Is your state included in the Voting Rights Act?

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) said in an interview concerning the Voting Rights Act of 1965: "If you move a polling place from the Baptist church to the Methodist church, you've got to go through the Justice Department."
Now it is just fascinating that Santorum presents this information to the press before the president does. Could it be election year jitters for the Senator from the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania?

I personally like Mr. Santorum. He is a conservative Catholic who is pro-life. But I wouldn't mind Santorum's challenger... a pro-life Democrat (finding such a thing in Political Land is equivalent to seeing a unicorn gallop up and down the National Mall) replacing him in the the Senate.
Some one call a plumber to go visit the Big Apple! The New York Times is letting through a lot of leaks about the existence of LEGAL national security programs designed to help prevent another September 11th.

Friday Free For All!
This Friday we are devoted to the children. It may take a village to raise a child but it is very easy for someone to act like one:
1.) From MSNBC: Dictator refuses one meal to protest the death of his lawyer. Only one meal? I did more than that when my mother served lima beans.
2.) Not having fun in arts and crafts while at summer camp? Complain about it online! (Be sure to put up the picture of your cabinmate in that bikini).
3.) Your Congresswoman acting like a spolied kid, hitting others, and embarassing the great state of Georgia? Challenge her!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The ACLU is active again... this time in Illinois.

Interested in another political view? Sick and tired of more and more government and less personal freedom? Check out Molyneux's podcast.

Okay, this Canadian thinker isn't much of a looker... but he has some revolutionary ideas based upon libertarian thought. Listening to his podcasts is like taking a deep breath of clean air.
The Following is a statement from a Daily Kos commentator discussing possible programs for the 2008 presidential campaign:

It's gotta start with a living wage. Raising the min wage to $7 isn't going to really help working people in theis country, especially since it'll be another 10 years before there's another hike. We gotta get it up to $10 (or $12.50 in areas with higher costs of living), so people only have to work one job to support themselves, let alone a family.

Sigh, if helping working families was only that simple... I would love that plan. Sadly our dear friend over at Daily Kos hasn't stopped to think about the economical ramifications behind such a proposal.

The higher you raise the minimum wage the more unemployment you will produce. The more unemployment... the more poverty.

Think about it like this: If $10.00 per hour is good then $20.00 per hour would give Working Willy (our cute working class hero) even more flexibility and comfort. Then why not $50.00 or $100.00? Wow, then Working Willy would be living high off the hog!

But if the minimum wage was say $100.00 how could Wendy's afford to hire poor Working Willy? The answer is of course Wendy's could not (not if that fine corporation wanted to keep around that 99 cents menu!). That's because Working Willy would have to be paid perhaps $800.00 a day! That is a lot of Chicken Nuggets that would have to be sold to hungry fraternity boys to turn a profit!

Increasing the minimum wage would not decrease proverty. It just goes against the laws of economics.

Hell, you might as well repeal the law of gravity when you are at it (hey, who wouldn't want to fly?).
Well, Israel finally has gotten its wish to join
the Red Cross... eh... Red well...

Finally from Foxnews.

I don't really understand why it took so long considering that the Muslim countries were able to change the Red Cross' traditional cross into a symbol that better fit their cultural identity back in the 19th century!

Sigh, go figure.
THE JOURNAL NEWS from the Great State of Connecticut has this article concerning an effort against the growingly more familiar "Choose Life" license plates:

Since 2003, more than 200 Connecticut drivers have bought the organization's license plate, which has the words "Choose Life" in a child's handwriting and pictures of smiling children's faces. The Children First Foundation raised around $10,000 from the plates, which it donated to pro-adoption and safe haven groups.

The money raised from the plate, $10,000 dollars so far, goes to adoption agencies and organizations that promote adoption as an alternative to abortion. It seems that promoting adoption is something both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice people can agree on.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

When there is a liberal attack on the United States you got to assume Jimmy Carter will be there with that toothy grin in the hope of getting some of the media's spotlight. Give me a break Mr. Carter. Your presidency was a painful mark on America history.

Here Jimmy Carter rails against Gitmo with a full page advertisement in the NY Times:

Stop the ACLU's Take on it:
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction"--Ronald Reagan