Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why AShiningCity Blogs

Hopefully my blog can be used as a forum for the discussion of ideas and vigorous debate.

I encourage all of my readers to leave comments at each post and contact me at AShiningCity@gmail.com if you have any questions.

I was told by a very near and dear loved one that I should put up a post explaining why I blog. So here we go:

I believe in the value of every human being life and the amazing power of the individual.

I believe that government needs to be limited so that liberty may flourish.

I believe that the there can be good ideas on both side of the political spectrum.

I believe in polite rational debate that is based upon logic and solid facts.

I believe that gays should be allowed to have civil unions because government should not be involved in the marriage business.

I believe that invading Iraq was wrong because it distracted from achieving the goals of the War on Terror.

I believe that Muslims have a duty to stand up to the evil that is spreading in their religion.

I believe that prayer should be kept out of public school despite the fact that I am a devout Roman Catholic.

I believe that abortion is wrong and should be made illegal.

I believe that Bruce Springsteen is the greatest singer who has ever lived.

I believe that any form of socialism enslaves and that communism was the greatest tragedy of the human race.

I believe in Free Enterprise.

I believe that the NY Times is a great newspaper although sometimes it gets it wrong.

I believe that the greatest presidents were Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy.

I believe that the border needs to be sealed despite the fact that I think that Hispanics are the future of this nation.

I believe that the United States of America is the last and best hope for the world.


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"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction"--Ronald Reagan