Monday, July 17, 2006

Should I Believe Everything AShiningCity Writes?

Readers follow the tips below or I will be forced
to unlease drunk Superman on your ass.

Tips for Reading AShiningCity's Blog (Or any other source of information/opinion on the planet)

I hope my readers have a critical eye when examining any type of information... be it from the NY Times or FoxNews.

The same certainly goes for items that you might find on a blog.

Now, I try very hard to be fair in my posts but I, like any human, have my biases.

That is where you my wonderful reader's good judgment comes into play.

I usually post a link to the news story that I am blogging about. Check out the link. Google the issue I am ranting about. Look for other blogs discussing the same subject.

Whatever you do don't passively accept what I have to say. Think about my posts. Challenge my posts.

(I mean in the end you will discover I am right... but hell it is a nice intellectual exercise isn't it?)


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