Monday, July 17, 2006

Who Can Challenge The Con-Cons?

After receiving a lot of questions about my previous post concerning the quirky but ever dangerous Con-Con, I felt a follow up entry was needed.

Now, some might be a tad intimidated by the Con-Con. The Con-Con tends to gather in large flocks because he feels a certain comfort in group think. It is easy enough for a newbie in the Political Jungle to be convinced that the way of the Con-Con is the only legitimate way. Sadly a lot of these newbies become Con-Cons.

But there is not just one choice my friends! There is another creature that also lives in Political Jungle!

I speak of the mighty and courageous Liberty Owl!

The Liberty Owl

Now, in contrast to the Con-Con, the Liberty Owl likes to make up his own mind about the issues of the day. He refuses to fly in a flock like the Con-Con.

The most noticeable characteristic of the Liberty Owl is his uncanny ability to ask questions and challenge anyone in power regardless of political party.

The Liberty Owl is not afraid to fly at night and encounter difficult issues unlike the Con-Con. Our scientists at Shining City Atop a Hill have observed and recorded the Liberty Owl's wise questioning throughout the Political Jungle:

Who will pay for this expansion of government Mr. President?

Whose rights are being trampled upon for your political pandering Mr. Representative?
Who do you think you are Mr. Senator for pretending to want to protect our borders?

So fear not my friends! There is more than one Political Bird out there! And believe me the Liberty Owl is not going to back down to the threats of the Con-Con!

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