Monday, June 26, 2006

Republicans and Democrats Agree: The Flag Burning Amendment is Wrong

While it is unusual for me to side with Mr. Dick Durbin he is right on target with this comment:

"There are scarcely any instances across America where people are burning the flag. And yet, now we want to set aside the important business of the Senate, health care and energy policy and education and debate for an entire week this concept of amending our Bill of Rights."

My question concerning Flag Burning Amendment has always been this--Isn't it illegal to burn things in a public area? Could I just drive my Pontiac Sunfire to the Capitol and set it ablaze to protest high gas prices? Shouldn't inheriently dangerous acts, like setting a piece of cloth on fire and waving it around, be illegal?

Screw you OPEC! Damn, now how am I
going to get home?

It is sad that the Republicans are pulling this election year ploy. They also tried the same thing with the Marriage Amendment.

I guess those who support "smaller government" (whatever that means now) have no problem wasting the taxpayers time on stunts like these.

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