Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Democrats Continue To Shoot Themselves In The Foot

Goodness, just when it seems like the Republicans are in trouble a Democrat (this time John Kerry) screws something up and gives the GOP a chance.

It is absolutely amazing.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

These Pictures Are Just Very Odd


I love giving that warning... readers then expect the best to follow!

Anyhow, I love this blog.... it shows antiques and other things from the past. I am just a sucker for old stuff. When I came across this post (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) I couldn't resist myself.

What interesting pictures eh?

Starbucks Versus The World

...or at least one country.

I gotta say that I despise Starbucks coffee. When I get black coffee it is way to bitter. If I was to get any other type of coffee I would become a female. Dunkin' Donuts is where it is at when it comes to a good cup of coffee!

Romney And 2008

For the life of me I don't know why some conservatives are flocking to Mr. Romney.

A governor from a liberal in the Northeast can not be that good.

Radical Islam And Genocide

A very long list can be viewed here.

I guess the Radicals didn't get the memo that Islam is the "Religion of Peace."
One Big Difference

Do The Republicans not love the Lord?

Wow, way to piss of conservative voters Mr. Ford.

The Power Of Judges

It is a common complaint from conservatives that the judges in this country have too much power and influence. How much power should belong to the judges?

I feel that it is important that judges don't use their power to try and promote the "common good" without firm support from the law.

Gators Defeat Dawgs

Well, at least we made it a game towards the end and only lost 21-14.

But we certainly have some improvements to do. We had 4 turnovers. We have about a dozen dropped balls. We had poor pass protection.

It is hard when every aspect of the game was pretty weak.

Well, there is always next year!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dawgs vs. Gators

My Georgia Dawgs are having some problems this year. I don't know what to say... we have some problem at QB.

Now we have the Cocktail Party in Jacksonville, Florida. We get to play against the mighty Florida Gators.

Perhaps my Dawgs can turn their season around today!
U2 and Green Day

Take 3 minutes and watch this U2 and Green Day music video.

First off, this is just a terrible song. 2nd... why do these guys suddenly like the military?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Need A Liver? Head To China

Yes, the country that provides cheap little crappy toys to the world is all set to also offer organs from its prisoners! Come one.. come all!

Canada Says No To Illegal Immigrants

It is embarassing that we should follow the example of our frozen friends up North.... but in this case we should.

Canada is not giving amnesty to its illegal immigrants.

Wow, what a concept.

Polling Data

I gotta say that I am addicted to polling data. I am in love with maps, graphs, and all of those wonderful expressions of numbers.

Well, Pollster.com is a dream come true for me. Check it out. Play with the numbers.

And See that the Republicans are preparing for a big fall this fall (Ah, a beautiful play on words).

Hans Blix: Iraq Better Off Under Saddam

Yes, Hans Blix, the ex-UN weapons inspector, has something to say about the situation in Iraq.

Do you remember what happened to him in "Team America: World Police"?

Perhaps Mr. Blix needs to watch it.

Poll: Majority Believe Government Is Too Big

Ah, those are wonderful words to read aren't they? Check out the CNN story right here.

Perhaps there is still hope.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Essential Border Fence Lacks Funding

Yes, our great "conservative" leader has finally signed the bill authorizing the building of the fence on our southern border.

But wait! The poor little fence is without any money to build it!

From the article:
The fence bill has earned the ire of U.S. southern neighbors, as Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon this month called the proposal "deplorable" and Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez said Mexico was considering taking the issue to the United Nations, according to The Associated Press.
Calderon and President Vicente Fox later ruled out approaching the international body, and Fox said about three weeks ago he was "confident" the fencing would never come to fruition, the AP reported.

What the hell is happening here? It is simple:


Time Travel With The Democratic Party

I don't know if this post is completely fair...but it is completely funny as hell!

So strap on your Scientific Suits and get ready as we go back... way back... in time!

Radical Muslim: Women Are "Uncovered Meat"

Ah yes, some more 21st Century ideas from our Radical Muslim friends.

Who Is Your Favorite Justice?

Still thinking like a law student for a minute. Check out this poll and find out what the public thinks about the Justices.

My favorite is Chief Justice Roberts. I don't always agree with him but I think he is a brilliant and honest man.

What Are Excessive Punitive Damages?

Okay, I must apologize but for this post I want to put my Law Student hat on (I know that is very annoying for those out there who don't care much for the law but I really don't care).

One of the questions before the Supreme Court this term is how to determine punitive damages. When are punitive damages too high?

The case is Philip Morris and this is what the N.Y. Times thinks about it. I don't smoke but I do believe that the punitive damages in that case were way too high.

I certainly hope that Supreme Court agrees.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A State For the Kurds?

The Kurds in Iraq are certainly one of the most advanced and civilized peoples in the Middle East today.

Will their culture and lifestyle be preserved with all that is going on in Iraq? Could the turmoil in fact help their cause in the end? Who the hell are the Kurds anyhow?

Find out the answer to all of these questions (and more) here!

Chief Justice Roberts Protested

I am a big fan of the Chief Justice. He is a good Roman Catholic and one helluva smart man. Despite all of his talents, Chief Justice Roberts is known has an extremely humble man.

These Middlebury college students don't share my high opinion of the man.

That is just too bad.

Pelican Swallows Pigeon

Pretend that you have a little child named Johnny. Pretend that little Johnny loves to play in the park and that he loves to watch the birdies eat pieces of bread.

Then pretend a Pelican hops over and swallows one of the little birdies whole.

Actually you don't have to pretend that last part.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Spying On American Airports

Radical Muslims learn how to use websites to spy on our airports!

I don't think that the website should provide that feature. Who agrees?

Don King Supports Steele For Senate

This race for the Senate in Maryland is very weird. Now that Don King is campaigning for Michael Steele it is even more odd.

Now, I don't know if this will help Steele. As the article states Mr. King was convicted of killing a man in the past.
Scalia On The Constitution

This is an excellent description of what rights are in the Constitution and what rights are not. Take a minute and watch it.

Health Insurance And Economics

An excellent piece on the problems with Health Insurance. John Stossel, as always, brings sound economic thought into the debate.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Democrats Embrace The Term "The Common Good"

They would.

Damn, I hate the term "the common good." Screw that. How about we focus on individuals rather than groups? What the hell does "the common good" mean anyhow?

Is China Seeking Regime Change In North Korea?

China invading North Korea? It might be possible. This article is certainly hinting that some Chinese leaders would like to do just that.

Such a move would be great for the United States. Let China deal with North Korea. Let China suffer the consequences and dead soldiers.

On the other hand there is always the possibility that regime change in North Korea would be just another way for China to expand its power.

Madonna Steals African Baby From Father

...well kinda.

I guess Madonna is following the Hollywood trend of adopting poor dark or yellow babies. Who cares if the kid has a father that visited him regularly.

Dark and yellow babies are so fashionable. They go great on the Red Carpet with a $15,000 dress.

How about this as an alternative...Madonna gives the father money so he can raise the boy. That way she can help keep the family together.

Nah, that wouldn't be as cool.

Scalia Debates The ACLU

Justice Scalia is the freakin' man.

Check out the story of how Justice Scalia took on the ACLU in a debate here.

This is why an activist Supreme Court just doesn't work:

Arguing that liberal judges in the past improperly established new political rights such as abortion, Scalia warned, "Someday, you're going to get a very conservative Supreme Court and regret that approach."

Bingo... the liberals out there are surviving on such rulings like Roe v. Wade by one Justice. In fact the most liberal justices on the Supreme Court are the oldest members.

So... another Republican President.... another Justice... and it is all over for the Liberals.

It is much better to try and convince people of your points rather than use the Court to rule in your favor. Build a foundation of understanding on why your side is right... don't just get 5 old men to agree with you.
Springsteen - Murder Incorporated

Springsteen is the greatest out there. The man is a genius. This song is one of my favorites. Live In NYC!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Why The GOP Deserves To Lose

Where Is The Party Of Reagan?

Elections are coming quickly. I am still begging my Republican friends to vote Democrat this year. It is vital that the Democrats take over the House this November.

We need a divided government! Please stop the spending!

Here is an excellent list of why things need to change.
(By the way, I know you folks love the picture up on top. It is from this excellent Times Article on the GOP that came out this past week).

Spinach And Illegal Immigrants

Monday, October 09, 2006

Wrangler Jeans

Okay, I was watching a little football today and the Wrangler Jeans commercial came on the tube. The commercial opened with a bunch of young men running down to a lake with the song "The Boys Are Back In Town" playing in the background.

Men are leaping and twirling among the rocks. It is all very poetic. But you never see a single man's face... you just see the back of their jeans.

So my theory was that Wrangler jeans was trying to appeal to the gay community. Let me see here:

Gay song (come now, "The Boys Are Back In Town")? Check.
All Men no women? Check.
Lots of wet fun? Check.

Now let me be clear... there is nothing wrong with appealing to the gay community... they certainly have a lot of cash on hand. And they dress a helluva lot better than I do.

Am I the only one who gets that feel from the commercial?

By the way, I asked my girlfriend about the commercial... she said a gay man wouldn't be caught dead wearing Wrangler Jeans.

10% Of Republicans Hope Democrats Seize Congress

I have been saying this for a while. Conservatives are very pissed with their Republican representatives. Check out the Newsweek article on the subject (by the way, Newsweek kicks Time's ass any week).

We need a divided government! Come now people... wake up.

One-Eyed Ref Sues Big Ten

Sometimes it seems like refs are blind during a football game.

Well, this guy is only... umm... half blind.

Everyone likes to sue.

Bush Planning On A Pocket Veto?

Ha, Bush might veto this bill. Yes, President might veto the fence construction bill that is before him right now.

Wow, that would be very sneaky if the President did that. I wouldn't be surprised.

Hopefully I am wrong. But I am usually not wrong.

Should Presidents Be Able To Serve More Than 2 Terms?

Check out this story about congressional bills on the subject.

I don't know how I feel about the subject. All I know is if a President could serve more than 2 terms Bill Clinton would still be President now.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Funny Toilet

Well, I needed something to cheer me up this morning after the Dawgs' loss last night. These two pictures did the trick.

The pictures show a Sweedish public toilet. Would you folks use it?

Vols Defeat UGA

Well, the Vols handed the University of Georgia its first loss of the football seaon last night.

Joey T played okay... at least he completed some passes. The defense, however, was just terrible letting up more than 50 points.

This is going to be a tough remaining season if we continue to play like we did last night.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Some Fun Bush And Cheney Art In New York

I found these pictures on Michelle Malkin's site. They are from an art gallery opening in Chelsea, NY.

Looks tasty don't they?

Bobby Kennedy Quote

"Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others...he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."

--Robert F. Kennedy (1925 - 1968)
A Tribute to David Hasselhoff and KITT

Growing up my father would always pretend his car was Kitt. That show just kicked ass. You gotta check out this amazing tribute.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Dawgs vs. The Vols

The Bulldawgs first real test is this weekend against the Tennessee Volunteers in Athens, Georgia. It is going to be a very difficult game for the Dawgs because the Vols are extremely hot and have a very talented QB.

Joey T, our 1st string QB, is back after an injury earlier in the season. For most teams that would be good sign. But Joey T has a little problem with... umm... throwing the ball (a key skill needed for that particular position).

But you never know.... he could prove me wrong. Big games are where heros are made. Joey T just might be our hero this weekend.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"The Killers" And Bruce Springsteen

I really enjoy the band "The Killers" and I think Bruce Springsteen is amazing! So a story where both of them are mentioned? Excellent!

Islam Taught In Our Schools

...and the Supreme Court won't do anything about it!

This is just insane. No religion... no religion at all should be taught in public schools like that!

God forbid if the school district wanted to show students what it was like to be Roman Catholic for two weeks. All hell would break out!

Where is the ACLU in all of this??

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ole Miss Tailgating

So Georgia just barely beat Ole Miss last weekend. Ole Miss looked very sharp and I was very happy that my squad came away with the win. That Ole Miss' QB is solid.

The Bulldawgs have a lot of work to do for the upcoming Vols game.

Oxford, Mississippi is a wonderful college town. (I was so enchanted that I almost went to Law School there). The town also has a great amount of tailgating. Check out the story here in the NY Times.

Mexico To Bush: Don't Build A Fence

Right now the Senate is doing the right thing and supports a fence between Mexico and the United States. All is right in the world.

But wait... could President Bush give in to the interests of Mexico?

I wouldn't put it past the President.

Communism In 2006

Gone but not dead. And I must say it is very alive in the minds of many that I know... they just don't call their ideas "communist." Check out how communism's legacy is doing here.

And if you have a chance check out this wonderful tribute to the victims of communism. We need to recognize the horrors of communism just like we recognize the horrors of fascism.

Still Driving The Bus

Do you remember the Illegal Immigrant bus driver who was taking those elderly folks out of New Orleans in order to escape the hurricane last year? Do you remember when the bus blew up and the poor elderly folk died?

Do you know what happened to the Illegal Immigrant bus driver?

Find out here.

Nothing shocks me anymore.

Top 20 Whitest And Blackest Names

Yes, I am not making this list up. Check it out here.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Red Mass

Sorry for the delay in posts. The last week has been pretty busy. All is fine and you folks can look forward to daily posts again! (Control your excitement).

Today I had the privilege of attending Red Mass in Washington, D.C. The history of Red Mass is a long and storied one going back to Rome and Paris. The Red Mass kicks off the legal year. For more information on the Red Mass check this link out.

After the Red Mass there was a brunch held at a hotel around the block. We were able to get seats in the balcony about 10 yards away from the Chief Justice, Justice Scalia, and Justice Thomas. What a view! By the way... Justice Thomas and Justice Scalia love to eat! Those two really can go through a plate of bacon. I loved Justice Thomas' loud laugh... the man laughed at everything. He seemed to really enjoy life.

We have a new Archbishop who gave one hell of a homily. We were lucky enough to catch him before he left the hotel.

Senator Brownback And The FCC

I was lucky enough to hear Senator Brownback from Kansas speak at school a few days ago. I gotta say that I was impressed by the way that he connected with the religious voters in the audience. A recent convert to Catholicism, the Senator is really driven by his faith. He should be a strong contender for the Presidency in 2008.

Now, I was impressed by the Senator's faith... not so much by some of his policy. Senator Brownback is leading a FCC task force to determine what new regulations need to be created in order to stop childhood obesity. Come now, do we really need more government?

Old Time City Maps

I love maps and I love history. So this link is just a lot of fun for me. Check out Atlanta(from 1919) on the left.
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction"--Ronald Reagan