Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama... A 2nd Coming of Reagan?

Well, at least when it comes to speaking ability as this Wall Street Journal article suggests.

I certainly believe that Obama has a fine gift for language as did Reagan. I also think it is unwise to underestimate Obama's appeal to the voters. A lot of his appeal is that he is the exact opposite to the image many people have of Bush--more articulate and more diverse for starters.

But I really think support for Obama is really a tragedy in the making. After 8 years of President Bush and Republican control the Democrats really deserve a better candidate. Democrats have suffered enough having their ideas ignored. They need a candidate who has years of experience in battling the Right-Wing attack machine. They need someone who has been battle tested. They need someone who can actually implement their ideas (someone who knows the proper political tactics).

Sadly I think that Obama is being set up for a gigantic fall. Its a shame that a great party has to rely on a man who has been a senator for less than 4 years to lead it forward.



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