Friday, June 30, 2006

New York Times Protest Scheduled

Sometimes it is easy enough to forget the struggles and sacrifices of the Founding Fathers. (This is a great book about the birth of the United States if you are interested in learning the true history.)

The Founders are often dismissed now as a "bunch of rich white men who owned slaves." While Jefferson, Madison, Washington and their co-patriots might not have been perfect, they did promote a perfect idea--individual freedom and expression.

In just a few days before we celebrate the birth of our great nation another example presents itself of why this country is so special.

The NY Times uses their freedom of the press in a negative way and how do we respond?

Do we ask the government to shut the company down? NO!

Do we attack the N.Y Times building in the hope of burning it to the ground? NO!

Instead we protest in the streets against the Times' policies. Using the Bill of Rights to fight back an injustice.

I firmly believe that once the American people realize the negative policies of the New York Times concerning the war on terror there will be an uproar. Changes will be made. Perhaps a boycott.

The Founding Fathers would certainly be proud.

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"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction"--Ronald Reagan