Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Letter To President Bush

Dear Mr. President,

I hope that you are doing well after your recent trip overseas. I know that the trip didn't go very well for you and I am sorry that you forgot to turn off your microphone. Those electronic devices can be tricky.

Anyhow, enough chit-chat. I wanted to write you a quick letter after hearing on TV that there is some possible that an international peace force might be sent to Israel to try and maintain the peace in that area.

Now, I certainly hope that you are not thinking of sending any U.S. troops as part of this international force. I know that you really really want to... because it would "help build democracy.... la la la"

But resist the impulse Mr. President!

I don't even know where you would find the troops. Certainly not from Iraq! They are needed there more than ever according to this article.

And didn't you promise more man power at the Mexican-American border?

Yes, things are extremely tight Mr. President. Our military is overextended throughout the world. Let's not involve ourselves in another conflict. Especially one as never ending as what Israel is currently facing.

Say hello to your hot twin daughters for me,


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