Friday, July 28, 2006

Glenn Reynolds' Wife Dr. Helen Is Totally Hot!

I am an avid listener of the Helen and Glenn Podcasts over at Dr. Helen is Mr. Reynolds' wife.

After the podcast I like to go to Dr. Helen's page to post and read comments about the interview. Now hundreds of people comment and each usually makes a decent point.

However, a few days ago a jackass named Michael W. posted the following concerning Dr. Helen:

You are working too hard to achieve that ugly hick look, straighten your hair or get a head transplant, please do it as soon as possible since you insist on posting your fright picture on your site.

What a complete and utter idiot Michael W. must be! Dr. Helen is one good looking woman:


Yeah, and Dr. Helen has some curves. Check this pic out:

Dr. Helen kicked a diease's ass and then wore a tight t-shirt to prove it.

Not only does Dr. Helen have physical beauty but the woman is smart as hell working as a forensic psychologist. I bet the only work you do each day Michael W. is getting that last bit of wax out of your ear while sitting on a beat up couch in your parents' basement.

Plus, have you folks heard Dr. Helen's voice on those podcasts? Damn, totally hot!

So Michael W... if you are out there screw you! Glenn Reynolds is one lucky man... he has the most popular blog, a kickass book... and he gets to sleep with Dr. Helen each night.


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