Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman's Last Minute Push

According to this Connecticut voter Lieberman's campaign has been busy recently. The post is fascinating and reveals some jumpy nerves the DailyKos crowd is experiencing the day of the election.

From the Post:

If Lieberman pulls this off, it will be because of his late push and ground operation. My wife and I have received 8 calls for Lieberman in the last week--none for Lamont. We've had 2 visitors knock on our doors on Lieberman's behalf, none for Lamont. Lieberman also looks to be mounting a massive GOTV operation. There are Lieberman signs all over the city in public spaces (much less so in front of people's homes). Also, the New Haven Register used most of the last issue to pump up Lieberman and criticize Lamont (it was truly disgusting how biased its coverage was). This is all making me a bit nervous--did Lamont decide to direct his resources elsewhere? For all the criticism I read here about how the Lieberman campaign is incompetent, I'm not that sure that is the case.

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