Monday, August 07, 2006

Study: Raunchy Lyrics Prompt Teens To Have Sex

Check out the "study" here.

First off, give me a break are we really having a study on why teens have sex? Damn, even I could answer that question.

Next, could it be that the teens that were the bigger sluts to begin with tended to listen to more graphic tunes? That seems to make more sense than saying the music somehow made these holy teens into sex maniacs.

Could it be that teens that didn't want to have sex at that age were more inclined to listen to the softer stuff?

But then again... I haven't spent any money to conduct a "study" like the fine one described in the article.

(And yes, the picture I picked for this post totally rules. You can just imagine the dude in the pic telling the chick "Damn girl, I just listened to a Ludacris song... I NEED IT NOW!")

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