Monday, August 07, 2006

Georgia's McKinney Losing Badly In Polls, Threatens AJC

Cynthia McKinney is threatening to take legal action against the Atlanta Journal-Constitution if that newspaper continues to print polling data that shows her losing in the upcoming primary.

Wow, that is a little weak don't you think? I am happy that the fine folks of the great state of Georgia might be able to get new representation very soon.

Okay, this story is a tad old but it does show how desperate McKinney is just before the primary.

By the way, from the Article:

A new poll, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, shows Johnson with a commanding lead over McKinney, Georgia's controversial and outspoken Democratic incumbent. The poll shows Johnson leading McKinney, 46 to 21 percent one week before the August 8 run-off election.


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