Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Have Questions About The Lamont-Lieberman Contest?

Well, this post claims to have the answers.

From the post:

1) Who will win tomorrow?
Lamont, but it will be close.

2) Do you feel bad for Lieberman?
Not really. It’s true that Lieberman is most conservatives’ favorite Democrat and he’s mine as well, but saying he’s my favorite Democrat given the current state of the Democratic Party is akin to saying a particular dental procedure was my favorite root canal. Besides, he really got under my skin during the Sore-Loserman days.
3) Is there a completely unnecessary self-aggrandizing point you’d like to add?
Since you ask, yes, yes there is. In my first piece for the Weekly Standard that appeared over 18 months ago, I wrote, “In recent days, Kos has begun suggesting that someone challenge conservative Democrat Joe Lieberman in the 2006 Democratic primary. Given Kos's recent successes, Lieberman would be wise to not take this threat lightly.” Who knows? If Joe was really in bed with us neo-cons and using the Weekly Standard as his Bible, he might not be in the predicament he finds himself this evening.

4) Will Joementum stay in the race?
Yes. He thinks he can win, and for successful politicians like Lieberman, winning is no small thing.

5) Will Lieberman prevail in the general election?
No. There’s something un-American about demanding a rematch. Joe has his chance tomorrow. If he loses and still fights on, he’ll look like a Sore Loserman. That will kill him in the polls. He’ll drop out after Labor Day to “unite the party” and join the Bush cabinet, hopefully not at Defense but in Norm Minetta’s job where he could hardly do worse than Minetta did.

6) Has there been a disquieting whiff of anti-Semitism in the anti-Lieberman campaign?
Yes. For some reason, Lieberman’s opponents decided it was appropriate to tar the Senate’s most prominent Jew with Nazi-like rhetoric. Kos tagged an entry on Lieberman with the label “Vichy Democrats.” Allah has pointed out that someone started calling Lieberman’s campaign workers the LieberYouth. And I don’t know exactly what Jane Hamsher meant with that black-face piece of artistic commentary, but it wasn’t nice.

7) Does tomorrow’s election mean the Nutroots officially own the Democratic Party?
Whatever the result, they own it already. The only difference will be the media will take belated widespread notice of this fact if Lamont wins.

8) Why would anyone want to own this Spruce Goose of a political party?
You got me there.

9) If Lamont loses, will the nutroots spend the next three months saying they were cheated, hatching conspiracy theories and demanding a recount?

We really don’t have time for such obvious questions.

10) If Lieberman wins, will the nutroots rally behind him to unite the party?
See answer to number 9.

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