Thursday, July 06, 2006

Daily Kos Let's Get Back To Reasoned Debate

It is absolutely insane that Daily Kos is attacking the Stop The ACLU Coalition as bigoted and maybe even a little anti-Semitic.

Yet, Daily Kos hates Joe Lieberman. The crowd over at Daily Kos main goal for the summer is to get rid of him.

Would I accuse them of anti-Semitic bigotry? No of course not... though it would be pretty damn easy:

  1. Mr. Lieberman is running as an incumbent in the Democratic primary, it is not often that an incumbent is challenged by his own party especially one as prominent as Joe Lieberman.
  2. Mr. Lieberman was the Democrats Vice Presidential pick back in 2000. So a man that was respected enough to be the candidate in 2000 now is being attacked by a grass roots campaign?

Accusing a group of bigotry is an escape and an excuse to avoid reasoned debate.

It is sad that Daily Kos has turned to this method. I always thought of that group as a good example of a grass roots movement. Of people getting involved in politics. Of voices being heard.

Daily Kos... let's go back to a reasoned debate instead of the name calling. You present your ideas we will present ours.


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