Tuesday, July 04, 2006

North Korea's Fireworks?

That isn't such a great gift to the nation this 4th of July.

I am surprised that China has not been able to put more pressure upon North Korea. China seems to be North Korea's only ally right now.

Despite the fact that they are both communist nations I would think it would be in China's best interest to make sure that its close neighbor North Korea doesn't have nuclear weapons.

This 4th of July it is important to realize that not everyone in the world has the same freedoms we enjoy in the United States. This might sound trite but if we look at what it happening in North Korea the differences really are shown.

North Korea is the world's more secretive country. We don't really know much about how life goes on in that nation.

This week of the 4th let's remember the 23 million poor souls that live under the iron grip of the regime in North Korea.

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