Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What I Want For The New Year

Yes, I did have a wonderful Christmas but I do want a few more gifts.

Here are the issues that I want the President elected in 2008 to care about:

1.) The spread of Radical Islam:
Notice I did not say "terrorism." Radical Islam is the disease and terrorism is just a symptom of that particular disease. Check out what the Radicals are doing now in Europe. Within a generation Radical Islam could take over Europe... the United States can not stand by when this occurs. (Here is a great book that I am reading now on the topic and a review of the book)

2.) Decrease In Government And In Spending:
President Bush screwed the Republican party on this issue. Now candidates running for President don't seem to care that their plans offer just more spending... it has become the status quo. A fresh new voice on a traditional Republican idea is needed in this area.

3.) Conservative Judges:
With Justice Stevens most likely leaving in the next few years we need a president who understands the importance of the Supreme Court and acts to push conservative Pro-Life judges into any vacancies.

4.) Border Security:
Here is another area that President Bush failed the Republican Party and the nation as a whole. We need a president who recognizes that a strong border fence and defense is needed before we even start talking about what to do with all the illegals in this country.

5.) Better Relations With India:
For years the United States has been providing support for Pakistan...a decision that made more sense during the Cold War compared to now. Our next president must understand that India needs to be the United States' great ally in the 21st century. Here's why:
  • India Is A Diverse And Active Democracy
  • India Understands The Dangers Of Radical Islam
  • India Can Stand Up Against An Expanding Communist China
  • India Prides Itself On Educating Scientists And Engineers

Ha, so I ask for a lot...

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