Sunday, January 14, 2007

A New French Leader?

Many of you out there are thinking: "AShiningCity, why the hell do you care about French politics? France is terrible! You know America rules!"

I care because the French (along with the rest of Europe) are being challenged by Radical Islam for control of their culture and country. The West is in trouble... and Europe is the front line.

I hope the French pick a strong leader to fight back. But I don't know if this man is the guy.

UPDATE (The French, Radical Islam, and Doomsday?):
You gotta figure that the growth of Radical Islam has moved the Doomsday Clock forward by two minutes.

UPDATE 2 (More French News):
Now I find on Drudge that back in the 1950s the British and the French were thinking about mergining nations!

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