Monday, January 15, 2007

AShiningCity's Plan For Iraq

"I give this plan a 'thumbs up' for quality."
President Bush has recently been very angry. People don't like his Iraqi plan.

The president responds, "If you don't like my Iraqi plan, tell me yours!"

Okay Mr. President... because you asked.... here we go.

Divide Iraq into 3 states. The two groups of Islam and the Kurds. The only reason why Iraq was combined from 3 separate groups was from the force of the British empire and the evil of Saddam. If we are not willing to use severe violence to put down rebellion then a one state government will not work.

Next our primary goal will be to guard the border between the Sunni State and the border with Iran. These two states will like each other but such an alliance can't take place.

The same goes with the Kurds. Turkey must understand that we do not support their Kurds forming an alliance with Iraqi Kurds. Yes, it is difficult but at least the Kurds in Iraq have a sense of purpose.

The oil must be divided in 3 ways.

Okay, that is my plan. Yes, there is still a need for the United States but now we are protecting borders of the 3 states... not fighting a civil war. My plan should be a lot easier for the American military to undertake.

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