Monday, November 06, 2006

ACLU Complains To International Body

... again.

Undocumented workers my ass. These illegal immigrants simply don't have many legal rights in this country. And here is an idea to the whizkids at the ACLU... the moment that these workers get rights they are going to be unemployed. The only reason why employees find them attractive is because they can treat these folks like slaves.

Hmm... could that be the reason that amnesty was passed but a border wall was not funded? The ACLU will give themselves a high five once illegals currently in the country receive rights. But wait a minute, the big corporations will just fire the old immigrants that have gained amnesty and wait for more illegals to cross the unprotected border and hire them.

Nah, big corporations and the Republican party always want the best for this country. I forgot that...

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