Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yemen's President Encourages Attacks On Israel

Check out the interview here.

Next, you might be asking... as I did... where the hell is Yemen?

Yemen is the country colored brown under Saudi Arabia. See it?

Then might get you to thinking... "Hmm... looks like Yemen is prettyfar away from Israel. Yemen can't possibly be afraid that Israel will invade its borders and Yemen is not really a major country in the region. So why is Yemen pissed off with Israel?"

Why? Because that's how Radical Muslims roll.

Now, perhaps you might also think that Muslims would want to be part of an international force that would create a buffer zone between Israel and Lebanon. Wouldn't Muslims want to help keep the peace in the area and protect Lebanon from Israel?

No, as this part of the interview points out:

Interviewer: "Mr. President, do you support what has been said about incorporating Arab forces in the international force [in Lebanon]?"

Ali Abdallah Saleh: "I haven't heard this, but it is forbidden. I haven't heard about this, but international forces must not serve as a buffer between the Israeli enemy and the resistance. It's forbidden."

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