Thursday, August 03, 2006

Al Jazeera Editorial: U.S. Must Choose Between Israel And Muslim World

The editorial can be located right here.

From the Article:

Two facts are becoming clearer by the day: Israel is increasingly turning into a burden on itself, on its guardians, as well as on its countless victims; and that the people of the region will never accept an Israeli Middle East.

An Israeli Middle East? Well, first off let's look at this map which compares the size of Israel to the rest of the Muslim world:

I would hardly say this is Israel's dominance by any stretch of the imagination.

Next, to address the general point of the article... that Israel is becoming a "burden on its guardians" (the United States and Great Britain). Support for Israel, the article says, causes the Muslim world to hate us.

From the Article:

No amount of PR or media propaganda can improve those troubled relations. The problem is not with the marketing, as American statesmen like to believe, but with the product itself. It is with the great strategies pursued in the region.

Hmm... a burden you say? So if we give up support for Israel and "choose the Muslim World" you radical Muslims will leave the West alone?

Let me think here... "give up a small country to appease a bunch of radicals." When has the West done that before.... oh yes!

Remember this Brit?

In that infamous picture Neville Chamberlain is holding up the the document recognizing the Munich Pact with Adolf Hitler. Chamberlain agreed to give up Austria and half of Czechoslovakia in return for the promise of peace from Hitler. Yes, the Western democracies bargained away lands that they had no claim over to appease Hitler.

This is what Chamberlain said at the time:

"For the second time in our history, a British prime minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honor. I believe it is peace for our time."

And now, according to the editorial, we are faced with the same "bargain" from Radical Islam?

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