Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Illegals Trash The Border... Literally

Here is an excellent post concerning the growing garbage situation on our border with Mexico. I think that the environmentalists of the Left should be up in arms! The poor environment is in trouble because of the random dumping from Illegals!

Sigh, but of course that isn't the case.

Instead some are blaming the government for attempting to seal off the cities from the invasion of illegals.

From the post:

Other activists from Derechos Humanos, Defenders of Wildlife and No More Deaths say the trash piles show what happens when the feds deliberately drive the entrants into the desert, by sealing the borders in cities.If you were going to cities, you wouldn't need to carry three days worth of food, said Kat Rodriguez, a coordinator-organizer for Derechos.

Next time I guess we should have shuttles to take them from Mexico to U.S. cities in luxury.

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