Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Another MSM Bashing Of Blogs

Check out this article from CNN:

Here is a passage from the article:

Unlike the mainstream media, also known and often maligned among bloggers as MSM, blogs do not always have the same reliability as established news organizations.But with blogs and some other new forms of media, "there's no foolproof method, and I'm not sure we will ever find a way of proving it is for real or not," said Finberg.

What the hell? So the Mainstream media is always correct when they create a story? I don't think so.. no human being is 100% correct.

Another part from the article:

Evaluating a blog's authenticity involves a lot of skills used every day by news organizations."Does this make sense? Does this seem logical? Does this correspond to something someone else said? In short, does it pass the smell test?" said Finberg

The skills just described are "journalism skills"? Come on, aren't those "skills" what most human beings use when they encounter a new piece of information in their lives? How the hell do I know how to use those "skills" without having put in one hour at CNN?

Give me a break. The entire article sounds like a sad attempt by CNN to prove that they are better than blogs.

No CNN, you don't have monopoly on information and opinions.


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