Monday, July 31, 2006

Draft Glenn Reynolds For President!

President Reynolds?

Yes, Shining City Atop a Hill is but a humble blog. But from small things big ideas sometimes come.

And here is the next great idea: Glenn Reynolds should be President of the United States.

I can hear it now:
"Whoa what? Are you trying to get an Instalanche from the mighty Instapundit?"

No, see that's the thing. My little blog doesn't even register as a blimp on Instapundit's radar.

So let's get back to why Mr. Reynolds would be an excellent candidate come 2008. After finally getting my hands on a copy of Mr. Reynolds' book,"An Army Of Davids," I realized that this guy can see vital future trends. Mr. Reynolds has his fingers on the pulse of this nation and understands what makes America great-Individualism.

Sadly, I gotta say that the candidates that will be running in 2008-- Kerry, Clinton, McCain, and the like --are too fully absorbed in the glitter of politics to understand what the everyday person needs.

Mr. Reynolds is that everyday man ...a guy who enjoys indie music and likes to brew his own beer (more on that later). He is from Tennessee, a nice Southern State which is a long way away from the wacky liberal Northeast. Hell, if it was 1776 Mr. Reynolds could be one of the founding fathers!

Plus, to state the obvious, Mr. Reynolds understands the power of the greatest invention mankind has ever known.... the Internet. Try to get one of your powerful politicians to talk about the Internet and it is just embarrassing:

No, there is just one Internet President Bush!
No, the Internet is not a series of tubes Senator Ted Stevens!
Convince Instapundit to run! Tell him that once he resides in the Oval Office his unique choice in beverages will no longer be mocked. Instead it will become a national favorite.


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