Monday, July 31, 2006

N.Y. Times Endorses Lamont

Well, well, well... the N.Y. Times is finally admitting that it endorses Ned Lamont over Joseph Lieberman in the Connecticut primary.

Now, my conservative friends might hate me for saying this... but I really do enjoy reading the N.Y. Times. As a little kid my father would make me read Times' articles to him while standing on the family room coffee table. It is a great newspaper with lots of tradition.

However, The Times' extreme radical liberal bent is destroying the Democratic party. The newspaper is a lighting rod for attack from the Right. Because the newspaper presents such wacko positions, for instance like saying former Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Lieberman is not liberal enough, it gives the needed ammo to the Republicans to be able to distract voters from the GOP's poor handling of the government.

Joe Lieberman is a damn liberal... he was the Democratic Presidential candidate for goodness sakes!

The N.Y. Times needs to shut up and stop helping the Republican party.

My prediction? This endorsement won't help Mr. Lamont win. There is something greater than the N.Y. Times when it comes to persuading undecided voters... and that is Bill Clinton.

Mr. Clinton knows that for the Democrats to be able to challenge the Republicans they need to be able to attract moderate voters.

And that moderate Mr. Clinton is campaigning for Mr. Lieberman.


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