Monday, July 31, 2006

What Republicans Can Learn From The 1986 Election

Now, I was just a tyke in 1986 election. But I found this Washington Times Article from yesterday very interesting. Back in 1986 President Reagan had a 67% approval ranking, a number that President Bush can only dream of right now. Things were going well for the country back in 1986 as the Washington Times article describes. You would expect the ruling party would do well in the election.

But guess what? The Republicans ended up losing 8 seats in the Senate causing the GOP to lose control of the Senate.

With Bush's approval rating in the 30s and a war waging on without end in Iraq what can the poor 2006 Congressional Republicans expect come the fall?

My guess? The Republicans are going to lose the House.

If that happens Bush will become a complete lame duck. His administration will end with a sad disgusting wimper.

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