Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What's The Deal With Lieberman's Campaign Website?

Check it out. I dare ya. http://www.joe2006.com/

Yep, still "under construction."

Now I figure three things might have happened:

1.) A hacker screwed up the site.
2.) The Lieberman campaign couldn't/didn't pay for an extra day.
3.) Lieberman screwed up the site himself in order to try and blame the DailyKos crowd.

I think that is most likely choice #1 but I doubt that it was a coordinated effort by the leaders at DailyKos. I am sure it was some nerd in his basement how lusts for Lamont and decided to send a bunch of e-mails to Lieberman's website in the hope of shutting it down.

But don't rule out choice #3 as well!

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