Friday, August 04, 2006

Militants Sent From Southeast Asia To Attack Israel's And Its Allies' Vital Interests

Check out the story here.

From the article:

More than 200 Islamic militants from Southeast Asia have been sent on missions to bomb Israel's "vital interests" and countries that support the Jewish state, their leader said on Friday.

A lot of people believe that Muslim extremism is something unique to the Middle East. These people say that other Muslims around the world are peaceful and condemn the violent acts committed in the Middle East.

The countries these 200 militants are coming from?

  • Indonesia,
  • the Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
I am no Geography Master but those nations seem pretty far from the Middle East.

Oh yeah, I forgot. So we are Americans. Why does this matter to us? Let's ask the leader of this Southeast Asian terrorist group:

Western countries such as the United States and Britain, as well as businesses, could be targeted unless they cease supporting Israel, he said.


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