Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Are Bush's Critics Right?

Check out this fascinating article over at which discusses what would happen in the Middle East if Bush changed course.

I thought the following comment concerning the article was great. What if Bush did the following instead of invading Iraq?

juror2 writes: Wednesday, August, 23, 2006 12:58 PM

Bush2 responds to 911 as Bush1 would and concentrates on Afghanistan disregarding the neocons push for war with Iraq, captures or kills Bin Laden, decimates the Taliban and with the cooperaation of our allies riding high after 911, terror cells are being exposed throughout the world. Afghanistan is on it's way to beoming a stable democracy. Iraq is kept in check by policies instituted by Bush1 and Iran's goverment has 2nd thoughts on challeging the US and still has Sadaam to worry about next door. Since the US has not revealed it's ineptness at handling a conflict (Iraq) the "axis of evil" reconsiders it's options and decides to take the diplomatic route. US World opinion is high. Iran reins in Hezbollah for fear of being viewed as promoting war with Israel.

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