Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cancer Teen To Be Taken By Force

Check out the news story at WorldNetDaily. (Hat Tip to my wonderful and gorgeous reporter from Ole Miss)

From the Article:

The father of a Virginia teen seeking an alternative treatment for his cancer says a social worker has threatened to use force to take the boy away from the family for court-ordered chemotherapy.

Believe it or not I am going to side with the government in this case (even though it pains me to do so). The teen, because he is not of legal age, does not have all the rights and privileges that belong to an adult. If he was 18 he could decide what treatment he wanted.

Thus because the teen in question is still a minor, he is entrusted to the care of his parents'. A parent's control is limited when that control harms or endangers the child physically. Just as child abusers can not get away with their crimes because it is "their" children they are abusing, so must the parental control be limited in this situation.

Quick Reminder:
Remember folks the foundation of AShiningCity's theory on government: The Government should not interfere unless one citizen puts another citizen in danger. In this case the parents are doing just that.

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