Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Morning After

... okay really the afternoon after.

Well, my predictions are on course to becoming true. If you folks don't remember I said that the Democrats would gain both the House and the Senate. The Senate is still in doubt but last I checked Mr. Webb in Virginia was ahead (if only by a small margin). It looks like Montana barely went to the Democrats. Prepare for weeks of lawyers getting paid big bucks to figure this thing out.

With that having been said, some thoughts on the election:

Liberals Still Don't Get It:
After reading some posts over at Dailykos and other liberal sites I came to the realization that Liberals still don't understand Americans. This election wasn't a rejection of conservative principles at all... it was a rejection of the GOP. The Republicans abandoned their true conservative principles and paid the price for it. Look at the potential Senate gains: Bob Casey a Pro-Life Conservative Democrat, Jim Webb a former Reagan appointee, and Joe Lieberman a Iraq war supporter crushing Netroots choice Ned Lamont. Not really the wacky liberals that the folks of DailyKos love.

Yes, yesterday voters were punishing anyone with a small "R" after his name. In Rhode Island the Republican Senator lost even though he voted against President Bush many times.

Who Was The Biggest Winner?
Surprise, it's a Republican! I think that this election will be great for some folks like John McCain. Now Mr. McCain has a House controlled by the Democrats that he can compare himself to come '08. (And let's face it... even Mr. McCain will look conservative compared to the Democrats in the House). This is exactly what Mr. McCain needed.

Come to think of it add illegals too. Now that the Republican House is out of the way President Bush and the Senate can grant amnesty to the invaders from the South. Get prepared to press #1 on your phones for the English option.

Who Fought The Good Fight But Ended Up Short?
I was very disappointed over Michael Steele's loss in Maryland. Mr. Steele was doing pretty well until the big urban areas came in and then it was all over. But then again I think that Mr. Steele faced a huge challenge... trying to win over a very blue state in a year that Republicans were hated. I think we shall see some great things later on from the Man of Steele.

What Was The Most Important Ballot Measure?
Nope, not gay marriage being shot down in Virginia. And nope not gay marriage being given a shot in Arizona.

The most important ballot measure was JAIL 4 JUDGES in South Dakota. Thank goodness this horrible idea was shot down.

Though I must admit I am very saddened that the abortion ban in North Dakota didn't stick. Then again I don't know how much of a chance it had without an exception for the life of the mother.

This article written by Neal Boortz is excellent.

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