Sunday, September 24, 2006

Notre Dame And Georgia: Two Amazing Victories

Wow, yesterday's college football games were just outstanding!

The first game, Georgia-Colorado, wasn't on TV so the girlfriend and I had to find a bar in Virginia to watch it. (I really need to order the Super+++ Deluxe College Football plan so I can see all the games in the comfort of my own home.)

Boy, was that game miserable for 3 quarters! Our true freshman quarterback looked very very rough. On top of that the Dawg's great Defense was let up close to 200 yards rushing! And all of this came during a game against a 0-3 team!

But Joey Cox, the replacement QB did swell and led a great Georgia comeback. The man has earned his right to start next game against Ole Miss. Richt would be insane if he chooses not to start Cox.

That comeback was great... but the Notre Dame game was what legends are made of...

Hopefully Notre Dame gained some confidence for the rest of their brutal schedule.

College football in the fall... there is nothing better!

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