Thursday, September 21, 2006

How Should Catholics Vote?

This coming election brings up the question (which seems to come up every time!) of who Roman Catholics should support.

Which candidates follow the moal life teachings of the Church? How should Catholics balance the issues of abortion, poverty, gay marriage, and war when they are making their choices?

Here is one article that states that Catholics don't always have to vote Republican.

Here is another article finding fault with the first article.

I can tell from first hand experience that there seems to be two groups of devout Catholics. The first group is like my parents and will always vote Republican. This group is more of the "Puritan Work Ethic" type (there is a difference between how Protestants view poverty and how Roman Catholics traditionally view poverty). They feel sympathy for the poor but prefer to help them through private donations rather than through the government.

The other group, as I see it, is a more Democratic leaning group of Catholics. An Uncle and Aunt of mine seem to fall into this group. These Catholics like the fact that the Democratic Party mentions helping the poor and the weak. They feel it is government's role to help the most needy. These Catholics at least consider voting for the Democrat in the election.

However, even the 2nd group is not likely to actually vote for the Democrat. The issue that deters them? The Democratic Party's love of Pro-Choice forces..

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