Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bill Clinton And The United Nations

Clinton and the UN... those two topics drive Conservatives absolutely wild. And why shouldn't they? Both Clinton and the UN have been less than stellar in promoting U.S. interests in the world.

Even six years after he left office Bill Clinton is still hated by most of those on the Right (especially after his most recent outburst on FoxNews). The United Nations has been further disgraced with with the radical and vile comments of Hugo Chavez.

As a result, many conservatives have called for the banishment of Bill Clinton (at least figuratively) from the public debate and for the United States to dump the United Nations.

Both sentiments are dead wrong.

Conservatives should look at Clinton and the United Nations not as separate enemies but as two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectively in promoting U.S. interests. In this situation two wrongs DO make a right.

First off, leaving the United Nations would be a terrible decision. If we think Anti-American feeling in the U.N. is strong now just wait until we ditch our membership. The United Nations would become a ready made vehicle for organizing those who hate the United States. The rest of the world would say, and rightly so, that the United States has divided the world between the UN and the US. The rest of the world would say that the US is against the peaceful motives of the UN.

So at least by staying in the UN the United States can keep its veto vote on the Security Council and give the impression that we are promoting international dialogue.

Yes, we have so far done an extremely poor job in using the UN as a mouthpiece for promoting the US. In the end that's what the UN is good for... promoting and mouthing off. That's what Hugo recently has learned. That's what John Bolton is terrible at doing.

This is where Bill Clinton comes in. The man wants to create a legacy for himself. The man has some free time now. The man doesn't like to play 2nd fiddle to his wife. So let's make him ambassador to the United Nations.

I will wait a minute for my readers to calm down.

President Clinton would be a great pick for that post for the very characteristics that conservatives dislike in him:

1.) Clinton is loved by the International Community.
2.) Clinton has a "way with words" that will charm the pants off of the UN.
3.) Clinton wants to build his legacy and needs to show that he is tough on terror.

At a position that is largely determined by pure rhetoric Clinton would excel. Conservatives wouldn't have to worry about any poor decisions.

In addition it would be very convenient if we were to find something else for Clinton to do... other than fundraise for liberals around the country. His fundraising skills are amazing.

That's my opinion. What about yours? Leave a comment to this post or give me an e-mail at

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