Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Will There Be A Moderate Backlash?

Check out the post of another angry moderate Democrate here.

Now, we can debate whether or not these people are rational until the cows come home. I really don't care. They certainly believe that they are rational to feel hurt after Lieberman losing.

I would be interested to see a "post-Lamont" backlash by some Democrats. Perhaps this will come in the form of fewer people willing to make donations to the DNC. Perhaps it will come in the form of some people getting fed up and staying at home come election time.

Whatever happens, I am sure that there will be some type of counter reaction by the moderates to the progress the Far Left has made in the Democratic party.

And yes, I really do enjoy the phrase "until the cows come home." That's the type of quality writing you should expect at Shining City Atop a Hill!

And no, the awesome dog picture isn't symbolic of anything. I just like little dogs doing tricks.

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