Thursday, August 31, 2006

Where Are All The Student War Protests?

A fascinating article comparing the college culture from the 60s to that of today.

One great comment following the article:

Perhaps partly in jest, but here is my theory:

The 60's saw the Sexual Revolution, and from all the anecdotes told in movies and television shows about the period is that the guys followed the women for one reason: try to get laid. And all the cute girls were marching in the rallies, so the guys naturally showed up to show they cared about the cause.

Fast forward to today. Go to a Code Pink rally or another anti-war rally attended by females, and the attractiveness is just not there. Guys are not interested in trying to pick up chicks who do not shave their legs or underarms, so they stay away. And as a result, the crowds are dwindling.

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