Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thinking About 2008?

Yes, of course you folks are interested in who will run for president in 2008. And yes, it is still a long ways away and many things might change... but politics is that addicting!

I thought it might be fun if I started to profile some of the less common names tossed about for president. So hold tight America and start learning about your potential future leaders!

Today we look at Mike Huckabee. Who is Mike Huckabee? Well, he is the Republican governor down in that great southern state of Arkansas.

The man lost 110 pounds while governor (I guess he really enjoyed those southern grits). Huckabee even wrote a book about weight loss tips! In addition Huckabee plays guitar in a band.

Huckabee is pretty conservative on social matters for instance supporting the teaching of "intelligent design" in Arkansas' public schools.

Fiscally, Huckabee calls himself a "Paradoxical" Republican. He wishes to cut taxes and reduce government but his strong religious faith refuses to allow him to cut services for the most needy. (To me this smells like code that Huckabee might like the big government of the Bush administration).

To learn more about Huckabee visit these sites:

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