Sunday, November 12, 2006

Religion And Government On A Rainy Sunday

Today was my type of weather day in Washington, D.C. Rainy and cold. I just hope that it gets colder and eventually snows (which sadly our nation's capital received very little last year). Walking around the national monuments in the snow would be very pretty.

A perfect day to attend mass over at the Shrine. Attending Catholic mass in the nation's capital. While waiting for mass to start I thinking of how religion and government should relate to each other.

Sitting there waiting for mass to begin I realized that what this nation needs is more people who are devoted to a faith. Whatever religion or belief system someone has helps a person weather the storms of everyday life. I think that a large part of why people are depressed today is that they have lost faith in their future.

So I would love for people to be more religious. But combine religion with government? No way.

This past week there was an excellent article in Newsweek concerning Christianity and politics over the years. The conclusion of the article was that while the religious benefited the politicians the politicians did not benefit the religious very much.

Seems to me that when religion is combined with politics both are corrupted. Both are worse off.

I wonder if it will snow on Christmas Eve this year.

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