Thursday, September 07, 2006

Teaching 9/11

Looks like our buddies over at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) hate how some textbooks are teaching the events of September 11th.

CAIR dislikes the use of the phrases like "Muslim Extremists" and "Muslim Terrorists" throughout the books.

It seems to me that the moderate Muslims would like to describe those that caused 9/11 as "terrorists" and "extremists." Doesn't that put some separation between the Radicals and the rest of the followers of Islam?

Some of you folks will say "But AShiningCity, you must hate Muslims to say something like that!" Sorry, but no dice. Radicals are Radicals anywhere.

Take the IRA in Ireland for instance. Blowing up British buildings for the "Liberty of Ireland." I call those folks Catholic Extremists and Catholic Terrorists. That's what the IRA is and I, as a Irish Catholic, refuse to be associated with that group. The Moderate Muslims should do the same with their Radicals.

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